My love of architecture has always had unknown origins for me.  Where this fascination for lines, textures, shapes and patterns comes from is far beyond my comprehension, except to say that I must have been an architect in another life!  While I have a love for character and special details of buildings and the historical story they have to tell, I do not consider myself an architectural photographer.  My approach to photographing architecture is to dissect and deconstruct, creating more of an abstract point of view.          

I am especially drawn to the derelict decrepitude of abandoned factories, warehouses and the like; both exterior and interiors, along with the urban landscapes that surround them.  There’s something about these buildings, left alone to die a slow and painful death by the impending doom of the city’s wrecking ball, to which I am bound to resurrect from the dead, with nothing more than my desire to capture them. 

Through My Eyes, A Walk through Brooklyn, and 407 Washington Street, were born out of this slight obsession, and encompasses my visual aesthetic in photographing architecture and urban landscapes, while drawing inspiration from the works of architectural and urban photographers, Walker Evans, Edward Burtynsky, Andrew Moore, and Jade Doskow. 

In creating this work, my goal is to invite the viewer to see beyond the obvious, to discover the artistic beauty found in the broken, crumbling structures we see all around us, and in essence asks, to see what I see.